Why hire a professional pet sitter?

 A professional pet sitter is someone who has experience with pet sitting, belongs to a pet sitting organization and is continually being educated on pets and their care.

What are the benefits of using a pet sitter?

Your pet remains in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar things ( bed, toys, smells, sounds, etc) and they get to follow their regular routines.

Your pet stays on their same diet and exercise routine.

Your pet receives personalized attention while you are gone, the next best thing to your tender loving care.

Your pet doesn't have to travel in a car or be in an unfamiliar environment.

What is the difference between dog walking and pet sitting?

Walking is typically a one or two times per day to visit to get the dog outside for a potty break during the day.  The situation could include a household with no one home during the day, and the dog would be uncomfortable or have an accident during an eight or ten period alone.

Sitting would include usually three visits per day to feed, water, and walk your dog while you are away.  The situation could include an overnight outing, a weekend trip, or a week or two's vacation.

Do I have to meet with you before service?

Yes.  This will allow me to bond with your pets and to discuss services you will need.  At that time I can pick up your house key.

Who will I entrust my pet and home to?

Brenda Smerechniak, the founder of Kind Heart Pet Services, will be the only person to care for your animals and will be the only person in your home.